Welcome to Marcus Garvey Cubs!

The Marcus Garvey Cubs and their African Time Travel Machine travel through time and space to visit Africans everywhere, in every era. And they have one BIG advantage when they travel back in time – they take their modern technology with them! No one knows what adventures the Garvey Cubs will encounter next!
Individual stories & 5 pack audio sets
25-pack audio sets
50-pack audio sets
100-pack audio set


"The average story is between 15 and 20 minutes. We have intentionally made them a little longer than our children are used to. Our children are of the "video game" and "rapid action" generation, so chances are, their minds may drift when first listening to a long story (especially younger ones). Don't be discouraged! Be patient and use techniques like:

  1.  Stopping the story part way (before attention wanes) and discussing what they heard or liked or predict will come next, then continue; or
  2.  Having them listen 30 minutes before bedtime, and tell them they can stay up a few minutes longer to talk about the story (children love excuses for delaying bedtime!) Mainly, be patient. It won't take long for their minds to strengthen to a higher level of concentration.

"You will find the results are worth it!"