Marcus Garvey Cubs Packs 1-19*

This Marcus Garvey Cubs Audio Stories Pack includes all 100 audio stories! This pack includes the 4 FREE bonus stories featured on this website. Perfect for educators and parents. Each story is detailed below.

Bagirimi – When the Garvey Cubs visited Bagirimi, the African children had a contest to see who had the neatest handwriting in their class. But how did the student with the second best handwriting end up with first prize?

Kano – When the prince learns that gold and silk have been stolen from the market, he is so angry that he stops all traders from leaving Kano! But he still can’t find the thieves! The Garvey Cubs try to help.  Did you know that camels also make good policemen?

Mean Dogs – The police in the American south liked to use their big dogs to attack Black people who were protesting for their rights. The Garvey Cubs wanted to help. Did I mention that Cudjoe could talk to large animals? Hmmm…

Sab – When the Garvey Cubs come to this high plateau kingdom, they find bulls, horses and mules that are AFRAID TO WALK DOWN THE MOUNTAIN!! Can a bull fly??

Wolof – Someone in Wolof country is secretly working for the Europeans. They are getting guns to use to kidnap Africans  to take as slaves. Is it the fat man with the big hat? The Garvey Cubs really need to use their imaginations to solve this problem. They have an idea: smoke and peanut butter! Smoke and peanut butter??!!

Ahmed Baba – The Garvey Cubs didn’t know that when they visited the old Songhai empire, the Moroccans would invade and kidnap the African scholar Ahmed Baba while the Cubs were there! Can the Garvey Cubs help get him back from Morocco?

Ethiopia – When one of the local girls doesn’t like to share, her friends and the Garvey Cubs try to show her how much fun sharing can be. But what if the things she refuses to share end up making her even more unhappy? She should be careful…

Johannesburg – The three school boys think they are cooler than everyone else, with their drinking  and smoking. But when the Garvey Cubs make a movie about drugs and alcohol, those “cool” boys are in for a shock!

MonomutapaEverybody loves the king! He is strong, brave, wise, caring and funny. The Garvey Cubs get to Monomutapa  in time for the contest where the children try to draw a picture that is most like the king. You will be surprised at who wins and why!

New Songhai – This time the Garvey Cubs travel to the future to the strong African nation of New Songhai.  When the countries of the “west” stop allowing African people to leave the “west” and move to New Songhai, the President of New Songhai “drums” up her own ideas!

Fifty Cents – This has to be the heaviest 50 cent coin anyone has ever seen! Honesty really is the best policy!

Cayor –The French want to build their railroad across the kingdom of Cayor, and control the Africans’ land. The French have the latest guns and canons, but the Africans of Cayor have something better – courageous warriors and the brainpower of the Marcus Garvey Cubs!

Lozi – The Lozi Princess has to dance at her 12th birthday party, but she has a secret…she doesn’t know how to dance! There is not much time to learn. The Garvey Cubs have an idea to help her, but it is surely not what you think!

Old Trinidad – When the Garvey Cubs reach Old Trinidad, there is trouble in the market! Someone is stealing jewelry!  The Cubs turn this investigation into a science project!

The Winner – When the nation of Ghantobengeroon wants to hire a soccer/football coach for the World Cup, do they really need a white coach from Europe, or can a Black man do the job? The Garvey Cubs want to know!

Middle passage – Before they knew it, the Garvey Cubs were suffering in the bottom of a hot, filthy slave ship on their way from Africa to be sold in the Caribbean and the Americas. But someone forgot to tell the greedy Spanish ship captain that the Marcus Garvey Cubs were on board!  Watch Out! Africans can’t be for “sale” if you can’t get the ship to “sail”!

Kikuyu – The old legend says that a rich and wise Kikuyu man had hidden all of his treasures before he passed away. Only the old elephant knew where it was. The old elephant told Cudjoe (who could talk to animals) where to find the treasure. That’s when the people found out how rich the old man really was!

Bunyoro –The people of Bunyoro loved their beautiful flowers and plants, and they wanted their whole kingdom to be colorful and beautiful. But in some places in the kingdom, the plants and flowers refused to grow – even with water and sunlight! Time for the Garvey Cubs to investigate. The answer surprises everyone!

Ife – The Queen of Ife will choose the winner of the Beautiful Ife hair Contest. Twelve six-year-old girls, who the Cubs call “The Dozen Chocolates”, enter the contest. The Queen likes the girls, but she thinks each of their haircuts look a little bit strange…but the King sees something different!

Ovimbundu – The Garvey Cubs get here just in time for the Ovimbundu Youth Races!  Some teams come from the coast and some from the mountains. The Garvey Cubs join teams from both.  But when you need energy to race, be careful where you get your food!

Ogowe – The Garvey Cubs are upset to find out that some Africans are working for the Europeans as slavers, helping them to get Africans for slavery and elephants for their tusks. But the Ogowe people use the cameras and computers the Cubs brought from the future to help “teach those slavers a lesson”!

Ishango – The Garvey Cubs go back more than 20,000 years to visit the African mathematics experts of Ishango.  The computers that the Cubs brought can do math very fast – but so can the Ishango experts. Soon the competition gets very “hot”!

Kong – Since Cudjoe’s father was a dentist, it seemed that Cudjoe was talking about everyone’s teeth when the Garvey Cubs visited the people of Kong.  And it seemed that everyone was listening! He was surprised to find out who wanted a free “check-up”!

Pende – The Garvey Cubs go to a huge Animal Party in the Jungle!  Everyone is having a great time until jealousy shows up at the party! But it looks like the Cubs have a plan to bring the smiles back!

Takama – No one can remember why the old Takama woman doesn’t like big animals. The Garvey Cubs love animals, so they want the old woman to feel the same way – but it won’t be easy!

Kaarta – In this contest, the King of Kaarta tells a long, looong story to see which children remember the most. Two children remember every single word of the story. So how can the King pick a winner? Well, it seems that some children listen, but others truly “hear”.

Sudan – The Black soldiers of Sudan are fighting to stop the Turks and Arabs from taking over their lands. The Garvey Cubs are too young to fight with the Black fighters, but maybe they can find a “sweeter” way to help!

Yao – When the Garvey Cubs go to the land of the Yao, they show the children a lot of the games they play where they come from. The adults just watch, but a “cool cat” drummer named “Pops” suspects that the “serious” royal adults also want in on the action!

Wadai – Who has the most beautiful village in the Kingdom? The Queen will decide. The Garvey Cubs visit a village that some people think is “messy” because the roads are crooked, but the wise Queen knows what real beauty is!

Zambezi – Ants the size of elephants? Elephants the size of ants? The slavers have kidnapped Mwali and many others! But when the African Ancestors are on your side, even the Cubs’ technology  has more power than before!

Kuba – Everyone in the Kuba kingdom was preparing for the running and swimming races when the Garvey Cubs got there. The Cubs wanted to be in the races too and they brought their “Air Jefferson” sports shoes. Can those shoes help them run faster than the Kuba children, or do the Kuba children have something just as good…or better??

Assin – Africans stolen from home went across the ocean to work their whole lives as slaves.  How can the African kings and chiefs find out what really happens to their people when they cross the Atlantic Ocean?  The Marcus Garvey Cubs have a plan.

Courage – When the Garvey Cubs get to Mississippi, they find out that one of their heroes, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, has just been beaten up by the police. They can’t believe how much courage she has! But can the Cubs find a way to pass her courage on to other people? It’s magical!

The Nandi – When the African Nandi warriors fight the British to keep their own land, how can they win against the British guns and canons? The Garvey Cubs have an idea that may help their African cousins. Oh… and the mountain lions like it too!

Takrur – For years, King Sumag  did a dance that everyone loved! He called it the Sumag Stomp!  But he was now getting tired of it and wanted something new. The best new dance ideas came from a place that he didn’t expect!

Darfur – A young boy named Solo has trouble telling the truth. Everywhere he goes, he claims to know things he doesn’t know, claims to do things he can’t do, and uses his voice to say things that are not true. But he should be careful! He may not be heard when he wants to be!

Brazil – The escaped Africans in the mountains of Brazil have built their own free nations (Quilombos), but the Portuguese want them back as slaves!  The Cubs hear a woodpecker in the forest with a strange, but helpful, talent…

Indus Valley – The Blacks of the Indus Valley are trying to protect their cities from the invaders from the north!  The Garvey Cubs are thinking.  Can magnets solve the problem?  Or maybe quicksand? Or maybe both?!

Madagascar – Ms Rivani loves everything that is gold and silver! And she loves flowers and plants. But she hates snakes! The Garvey Cubs want her to know that all snakes aren’t bad, ugly or scary, and that, when seen a certain way…they can even be beautiful!

Nile River Festival – The Garvey Cubs get to Meroe and find out that the Nile River Festival is coming soon! When the local youngsters see the Cubs videos from the future, they get a smart, fun and “slippery” idea for the festival!

Rubber in the Congo – King Leopold of Belgium is getting richer and richer by forcing Africans to take rubber from their old friends – the rubber trees. The African Ancestors have decided that this needs to stop, and the Garvey Cubs are there to help!

Bahia – Everybody on the billboards looked happy drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. But the Garvey Cubs and the Doctor they met had a smarter, healthier idea!

Jim Crow – Black folks were marching every week, protesting in America’s Jim Crow south. Marching and singing. When the Garvey Cubs brought small music players and earplugs from the future, the “music” changed the goals of the march!!

Kerma – The King and Queen of Kerma loved to hold sailboat races between the villages near the Nile River. But the boat that won all the races seemed to be moving a little too fast! The Garvey Cubs want to know why!

Mohenjo Daro – The Garvey Cubs meet a man who loves art and math so much, that he has created “MathArt” all around his house. The Cubs love math too, and the children of Mohenjo Daro love to play outside. Can the Cubs use some sleepy rhinos to combine play and math for the local children?

Going to Get Bread – When the Garvey Cubs meet a young boy in old Harlem, his mother sends him out to get bread. A lot of things happen along the way, turning this ordinary small errand into an extraordinary learning experience!

Ashanti – The British want more and more and more African gold! Can the Garvey Cubs and their “fishy” friends help the Africans keep more of their own gold in Africa?

Imhotep – The Garvey Cubs travel back to ancient Kemet (Egypt) – hoping to meet the great African multi-genius Imhotep. It takes a while, but when they do meet him, he shows them a skill that no one ever knew he had! The man can do it all!

Jamaica – The free Jamaican Maroons wanted to free their African brothers and sisters still down on the plantations. They need help from the African soldiers from the neighboring free nation of Haiti. The Garvey Cubs work to find a plan to help. Oh…did I mention that Tana can talk to dolphins?

Ancient Mali – When the Garvey Cubs go to old Mali and the libraries of Sankore, their computers can’t read or translate all the old languages that the books were written in. Could it be that their teeny, tiny friends can help where computers can’t?

Luba – The Luba King likes the video camera the Garvey Cubs brought him from the future. And so does his cat! But soon, some very strange things begin to happen in his kingdom. Why is a small cat chasing a zebra?! And why is a zebra chasing a big mean lion?! Have the animals gone crazy??!!

The Berlin Conference – Berlin, 1886. The Garvey Cubs arrived in Berlin Germany just when a room full of European men agreed to how they would “carve up” Africa to take for themselves. The Garvey Cubs call upon the ancestors to help them stop this terrible crime against the people of Africa.

Boomerang –When the Garvey Cubs go back to old Australia, they find the Black aboriginal natives trying to save their land from the Europeans.  Is there something inside that boomerang that can help? Be careful!

Answer Bowl -Nigeria’s top students enter a tournament to see who is the smartest. They are all very smart, but can any of them answer the tournament’s final question correctly?

Saggin‘ – When the Black boys sag their pants low, Mr. Jackson and the Garvey Cubs know it’s just the latest style. But when the pants go too low, there may be a problem. Let’s hope they’re not in a hurry!!!

Bemba – Which child has the best memory in the land of the Bemba? The Garvey Cubs meet a very, very polite girl, and convince her to enter the contest. Is it better to be polite or smart…or both? Don’t forget what you should always remember…

Sidama – A young local boy always claims that everything he has is bigger or better than everyone else’s. What happens when what he claims actually comes true?

Team K – The Marcus Garvey Cubs go the Youth Brains and Sports Festival in Haiti. There are teams from everywhere: Nigeria, Barbados, Mozambique, Brazil and other places. But who are these African youngsters from Team K (Kemet) ? The Cubs intend to find out!

South Carolina – When the Cubs visited the old south, they immediately found themselves in the back of the bus. But a trip to the beach gave them an idea of how to “reverse” the situation! With the Garvey Cubs’ imagination and the African Ancestors’ power, anything is possible!

Zulu – When the Garvey Cubs go back to the old Zulu nation, the British are violently trying to take control of this African nation. The Zulu warriors are ready to fight to the end with their spears and shields! The Cubs have an idea that might help…SMILE!!

But We Saw You! – Billionaire singer/rapper  ZJay Black  flies the Cubs to three African countries on his private jet. But some very strange things happen when they get there! Are some of the Garvey Cubs playing tricks on each other, or is this a case of mistaken identities? Only ZJay Black  knows for sure.

Native Americans and Friends – In old America, free Africans and the native “Indians” sometimes worked and fought together, so they could all be free from the Europeans. The Cubs met two men who both were half African and half Native “Indian”.  Winter was coming, and blankets were scarce, but the Cubs were able to give the chief and his people some very  important advice!

Africa for the Africans – When African farmers are being pushed off of their land, so that big companies can use it to make money, the Garvey Cubs have to find a way to help the farmers keep their land!  They can’t do it alone, so they ask their friends to help them stop the machine!

Ongamo – When the Garvey Cubs go back and visit Mount Kilimanjaro, they want to share what African history they have learned with the people there. But the crowds are so large, they have to find a way for them to all see and hear what the Cubs have to show. OH, NO!!! RUN!!! Smoke is coming out of the volcano inside Mount Kilimanjaro!!!

The Movies – The Garvey Cubs visit a school where the teacher is taking the students to see two movies, and there will be a test on the stories shown in the movies! The Garvey Cubs go with them to the movies, but are too tired to stay awake during the movies. But can they still pass the test? Hmmm…there’s more than one way to “know” the story!

Barbados – The Cubs came to Barbados just in time to meet a big hurricane! See what good things happen when the Cubs and a boat captain help people after the storm – and do it  from their hearts!

Kemet Pyramids – The Garvey Cubs get to Kemet (Egypt) and see the African master builders working on the great pyramids. Can the Cubs use their computers to design and build a small pyramid as good and exact as huge pyramids of Kemet? Find out what happens when the African masters check their work!

Greece – The Garvey Cubs meet two men who are Greek students, studying under the African masters of Ancient Kemet (Egypt). But when the men get back to Greece, they find trouble. The Cubs then travel to Greece to help them “voice” the truth!

Los Angeles – For the Garvey Cubs who lived outside of the United States, a trip to Los Angeles was a big surprise! They never thought they would see homeless people there. But it wasn’t long before they figured out a way to help do something about it!

Maryland – In America, the free Africans who escaped to the mountains of Maryland wanted to send letters and notes to their friends and families still down on the slave plantations.  The Africans on the plantations had to learn to read at night, but it was too dark in their slave huts.  The Garvey Cubs (and their flying friends) had an idea…!

Who’s British?? – “Bradford” and his father are Africans that the Garvey Cubs meet while visiting London. They are very proud to call themselves British, and even have fake British accents! But are they really only “British in their own minds”?  They will soon find out!!

Oromo – A smart little Oromo boy loves to learn. He always turns in his homework! But one day, the wind blew his homework away, out of his hand! But the Garvey Cubs have an idea that will still impress the teacher…

Gang O’ Thugs – No thug can stay a thug, once that African knowledge hits them!

Lesotho – The Boers have come from Europe to claim the southern African land of the Blacks. There is plenty to share, but the Boers want the best for themselves. The Africans will have to fight them, and the Garvey have ideas from the future that may help. The Boers can’t believe their eyes!

Numidia – Whew!! What a long walk every day for the people of Numidia just to get water!  The Garvey Cubs find an easy way for them to get water without much work! But that creates a new problem to be solved…

Butwa – A local boy has stolen something that didn’t belong to him. Magically, it seems to make him richer and richer by the day! But before it’s all over, he learns that, maybe, it would be better to be honest like his new friends, the Marcus Garvey Cubs!

The Dancer – Most Black folks didn’t agree, but Hollywood claimed that blond haired, blue-eyed Keirsten Winslow was the world’s best dancer!  When the Garvey Cubs saw her dances, they became suspicious. Something was…just…not…right…

Ferguson – African Americans Michael Green and Eric Darden both lost their lives to the police. But when the same thing happens to Michael Chong and Eric Dezaki, things, well…change.

Kru – Some of the Garvey Cubs want to help their Kru friends carry water from the river. Not all of the Cubs are good at carrying buckets of water on their heads, so they waste most of the water! But they use their brains to find a way to carry water and not lose a single drop!

Nzinga of Ndongo – Queen Nzinga and her warriors have been battling the Portuguese invaders for years. When the Garvey Cubs get to her land, they know they have to find a way to help!  The Portuguese think they are about to trap hundreds of Africans to take as slaves. Things are about to get “messy”!

Peace – History and genetic science has shown the African woman to be the mother of all human beings on the planet. But, since we are all related, why is there no peace? The Garvey Cubs meet someone who just might clean this mess up!!

Damat – The children of Damat show the Cubs how to have fun sledding down the side of the beautiful “Sundown Mountain”!  But when their clean skates and sleds show up dirty every morning, they suspect someone else is getting in on the fun!

Middleton – In Middleton America, criminals wearing masks were robbing people at night, and never getting caught! When the Garvey Cubs went with Murrells cousin Donye to his worksite, they heard a lot of different people speaking over the loudspeakers. That gave the Cubs an idea…

The Mossi – The French invaded the land of the Mossi in west Africa, and the Mossi needed to send them back to France! The Mossi warriors needed to find a way to get the French soldiers far away from the French camp. The Cubs knew there was only one thing that could make those soldiers leave their camp…one word…!

Zimbabwe – The Garvey Cubs come to this place in old Zimbabwe just in time for the big Outdoor Beauty Contest, where people make things from nature, and the King and Queen pick the most beautiful creation. The Cubs meet a little girl who just loves bugs and other creepy, crawly things.  Can she make something beautiful for the contest? Close your eyes and just imagine!

It’s My Birthday! – Nine year old Lewis lives in New York City, on America’s East Coast. Today, he is hoping for a big birthday party! But when only Tamika and Murrell show up, he begins to feel sad. So…how in the world did he end up partying on the West Coast??!!

Napata – The Garvey Cubs go way back in time to ancient Napata and see the wonderful buildings, with their beautiful  writings and art . But one night, someone covered them with ugly, grey, messy paint that no one knew how to get off! But, coming from the future, the Garvey Cubs knew the problem must have been solved!

Nigeria – What does a two year old boy and his toy cow have to do with African industrial production? It takes the Marcus Garvey Cubs to make the connection!

Tubu of Tibesti – When the Garvey Cubs visited the Tubu, their crops couldn’t grow because the birds were eating all of the seeds! Who ever thought that trail mix could come in so handy? Things are about to become beautiful!

We Should Try – The Garvey Cubs visit Bulgaria in Europe, Thailand in Asia and Iran in the Middle East. These countries each have different religions, but the Garvey Cubs provided courageous service to them all. Maybe there is one religious principle that we all should remember…

Kids “Funtime” Television –  Mr. Parsons from Hollywood wants to put his Kids “Funtime” Television Network on television channels all over Africa.  But when Mr. Parson’s daughter Carrie meets the Garvey Cubs in Africa, she learns something valuable from them that she should have learned at home.

Cuba Colors – The Africans who escaped the Spanish slave plantations in Cuba were always finding new ways to help free their brothers and sisters still trapped on those plantations.  When one of the Garvey Cubs was caught and enslaved, he learned that the Africans never forgot the beauty of African colors…or the beauty of fire!

More China – The Garvey Cubs visited China. When they toured the Presidential Palace in Bejing, they saw lots of maps from every part of the world – except Africa! The Cubs knew something was wrong, so they secretly brought some of the maps back home to Africa and studied them.  And guess what they found out??

Susu – There are so many sheep in the market that the young boys keep losing track of them! They have tried everything to solve this problem! The Garvey Cubs help by showing that sheep are smarter than you think!

West Siiieeedde!!  (West Side) – When the Marcus Garvey Cubs reach this place, two boys are having a vicious fight about, well…umm…designer clothes.  A huge rap concert is coming up, so the Cubs find a way to meet the rapper who is headlining the concert (and has the popular clothing line). He’s rude to the Cubs, but then something happens…

Kilwa –  When the Garvey Cubs and their Kilwa friends decide to play music in the Kilwa Music Festival, they never have a chance to practice with or even meet the singers who will perform with them! This could be a disaster, unless someone flies in to help!

Xhosa – Old Toonga the elephant has always been the best storyteller around. But he is getting old and losing his voice. Can the Cubs keep his voice alive for the Xhosa animals to enjoy?

Holes in the Ground – When people outside of Africa take gold, diamonds, oil, “coltan”, and other riches from African mines, the people who live there are still poor, and even made sick by the mining. The Garvey Cubs call on their African ancestors to help “turn the table”.

South City – Some local gang-bangers have been bothering young students walking home from school. One day, they stop the Garvey Cubs and steal one of their computers, so they could sell it for money! They check the computer to make sure that it works…and, wow, does it work!!

Whose Lives Matter? – Young white American men begin to disappear all over the nation, and no one knows why! The Garvey Cubs study the problem, and figure it out. When these young men finally do show up, where they show up is even a bigger problem! Will the world take Karinda’s advice??


"The average story is between 15 and 20 minutes. We have intentionally made them a little longer than our children are used to. Our children are of the "video game" and "rapid action" generation, so chances are, their minds may drift when first listening to a long story (especially younger ones). Don't be discouraged! Be patient and use techniques like:

  1.  Stopping the story part way (before attention wanes) and discussing what they heard or liked or predict will come next, then continue; or
  2.  Having them listen 30 minutes before bedtime, and tell them they can stay up a few minutes longer to talk about the story (children love excuses for delaying bedtime!) Mainly, be patient. It won't take long for their minds to strengthen to a higher level of concentration.

"You will find the results are worth it!"